5 Essential Dreamcast Games

The Sega Dreamcast was originally released in the United States on September 9, 1999 (9.9.99) with the primary objective of restoring Sega name and brand recognition after the financial failures of their previous consoles (Sega 32X and Sega Saturn), and while the Dreamcast was a fairly successful console it wasn’t able to make up the market share and revenue that was lost during the previous console generation.

In the United States there were less than 240 games officially released for the Sega Dreamcast, but within the Dreamcast’s seemly limited library exists some of the most influential and popular games to ever be released on a home console.

5.) Sonic Adventure (Action/Adventure)

Sonic Adventure was released as a launch title for the Sega Dreamcast in North America, and it would go on to sell more than 2 million copies worldwide. The main selling point for this title was the updated graphics and 3-D environments that players could explore as a variety of characters from the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. While this game may not look like much today at the time it was released this title was considered to be revolutionary.

4.) Metropolis Street Racer (Racing)

There are quite a few of racing titles on the Sega Dreamcast, but one of my favorite has to be MSR (Metropolis Street Racer). In MSR you race throughout a variety of tracks that are located in cities all around the world, and as you win races you are able to purchase newer and faster cars. While this might sound similar to other racing games there are a few key differences that I feel help separate it from the pack. MSR plays at a locked 30 fps, features 40 licensed cars, has an amazing soundtrack, and when you mix this all together you end up with a great experience that you won’t find in any other racing game during the sixth console generation.

3.) Soulcalibur (Fighting)

Soulcalibur is a fast paced 3D fighting game featuring a large roster of fighters that each have their own unique fighting style and weapons. Like Sonic Adventure this was a launch title for the Sega Dreamcast, but unlike Sonic Adventure this game found a way to fully utilize the hardware of the Sega Dreamcast to create an experience that surpasses the arcade version of Soulcalibur.

2.) Resident Evil: Code Veronica (Horror Survival)

During the 90’s a series known as Resident Evil was released, and during its time on the Sony PlayStation it created and dominated the Horror Survival genre. Every horror game that was released during that time aimed to become the next Resident Evil, and while there were quite a few memorable titles that came close there were never any titles that could claim to be better. Jump forward a few years and Capcom released their next installment to the horror survival franchise.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica is everything you could ask for in a horror survival game. It boasts better graphics, new enemies, cheesy writing, and some truly spooky environments making this a must play for any fan of the Resident Evil franchise.

1.) Shenmue (Action/Adventure)

 Today open world adventure games are a dime a dozen, but before Shenmue was released on November 8, 2000 they were rarely ever seen. Shenmue is a game about a teenager named Ryo who is on a journey to kill the man that murdered his father. Sure we have seen this premise before, but this title separates itself by allowing players to become immersed in Ryo’s world. In Shenmue you will be given a considerable amount of freedom to explore, and interact with a variety of characters and objects. At any given moment you can proceed with the main story, or you can go to the local arcade for a game of Space Harrier or Super Hang-On, or simply converse with the locals.

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