Channel: Yic17Gaming
Game: Shenmue 2

You are watching Shenmue 2 game movie with all main story cutscenes + QTE cutscenes + story related fights such as boss fights. All non-story parts such as loading/menu screens, wandering around, side stories/mini-games etc have been edited out. Enjoy the story of Shenmue 2 as a movie!

I made a Shenmue 2 game movie many years ago but the video quality was very poor due to my capturing device at the time. Now with news of Shenmue 3 coming out in the future, I decided to re-edit Shenmue 2 using the playthrough created by RickyC from LongPlays which comes in 720p HD quality. =)

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05/15/2017 – Bangaio
05/16/2017 – Space Channel 5